The Thinker / Auguste Rodin

“The Thinker” / Auguste Rodin

Back in the days when I was a student, I disliked those super-enthusiastic professors who assigned homework BEFORE the first day of class.  It was like, “Gimme a break, Professor, you must think you’re the center of the universe.”  I vowed to myself that, once I was a big-shot professor, I would never assign homework to students before the beginning of school.  Sadly, I must report that after 15 years of teaching, I’m going to break that personal promise, due to the infelicitous placement of Labor Day and the idiosyncratic Monday-Wednesday time slot assigned to my History of Philosophical Ethics course.  The class meets this Wednesday and then doesn’t meet again for week.  That means, students, I’m giving you homework.  You need to read just a few pages from a book, downloadable here.  Don’t worry it’s not too long.  I’ve even written study questions to help you out, downloadable here.  So please do your homework, and remember, learning is fun!  See you Wednesday.

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