America’s Useful Idiot – Donald Trump

I hate to be so partisan, but Trump’s relationship to Putin is simply scary. Here’s what I wrote for The Cresset.

trump-putin“Among the shocks Donald Trump has wrought to American politics, one of the biggest in my view has been his assault on bedrock tenets of American foreign policy. The Republican nominee for President has urged better relations with Putin, called into question the value of NATO, and expressed disdain for European integration. At first, the “unfair” media mostly ignored Trump’s novel geopolitical worldview, but after Trump conveyed his support for Russian efforts to spy on Hillary Clinton, the “unfair” media started calling attention to the consummate dealmaker’s business relations with Russia and the pro-Russian sympathies of his key advisors. The whole weird soap opera might have been tremendously funny, except for the fact that Trump could end up President.”

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