Shakespeare Selfie

Shakespeare selfieOne of the greatest things about technology is that it frees up our time to do – well, nothing. Mostly, I guess, it makes life easier. No need to learn arithmetic; we can use a calculator. No need to learn penmanship, we can either type or dictate to a computer. No need to learn anything; everything’s available on the internet. All this civilizational progress warrants a sonnet. Here’s one my son once wrote for school (I helped him with a few lines). 


If you would write a sonnet to your love,

Invoke the ancient muses for your rhyme,

Then wait for inspiration from above,

Or look it up on google in no time.

The one who can express himself in verse

Wins honor, glory, praise, and lasting fame.

And though they place his body in a hearse,

Still death will never swallow up his name.

But Shakespeare had a talent most men lack,

And writing rhyme and meter’s fairly hard.

Plus when it comes to poems, I’m a hack,

So I may never be a world-class bard.

If immortality you’d like to get,

Just take a selfie, put it on the net.

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