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  1. Now with supper bing Ended Jesus knowing that all things was given into his hands and that he came from the Father, and that he was going back to the Father, having loved his friends til, the End and what may of still been pressing sore on his Heart, was the saying I Have chosen the twelve of you, one you, are a devil and will betray me and another is going to deny me , and the rest is going to forsake me, and my own brothers an sisters of all of God’s chosen people is going to put me, to death through all of this Jesus still held to the word Me, and everything that he knew was going to happen an that this to will come to pass, now Jesus was fully human fully divine ,but he only used the divine part according to his own Father’s will,

    even so how was Jesus able to accomplish all that he had to under go,? some would say the Encouraging from Moses an Elijah some would say from the Angle, ( but here’s the most loving thing that caused him, accomplish all this it was unconditional love)
    through Obedience – humility -Love for everyone ( he was obedient even until the death of the cross)
    he’s asking each an everyone of you to lay down your life for the brethren,


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